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Ewa AKA. The Rolling Diva

Sweden Flag.png

Apart from the fact that my name is Ewa aka Rolling Diva and that I live in Stockholm Sweden,

 I’m determined, if I have decided to move mountains, it will happen even if I must blow them up first and then move them in small pieces.

One of my great successes is to honour all versions of me who once said

"One day I will do it too" every time I couldn’t participate in something….

My other great success is that I´ve built a life that I think is worth living despite all the "No Sayers"

I have a hate-love relationship with social media, love music, training, food and progress, coffee, my cat, and my everyday office work.


A perhaps funny anecdote is that I decided to work in customer service to learn how to talk and like people….


If you want to get in touch with me, you can find me on Instagram: @EwaTheRollingDiva


PS, I was born with a spina bifida, and I am a wheelchair user.

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