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"Our rural, northern community was lucky enough to host Danny Lamb and his A Song, A City movement as part of our WE Day Manitoulin event. The goal for our student-led event was to inspire diverse youth from grades 7-12 to take action and make a difference in the lives of others. Music is a language that empowers youth to follow their passions and harness their gifts. The energy, message, and impact of Danny and his fellow performers showed our youth that no obstacle or challenge is insurmountable and helped create a sense of unity and purpose to replace a sense of isolation. Without Danny Lamb, we would not have been able to realize our vision for WE Day Manitoulin nor impact on the hearts and minds of so many young people. Thank you for supporting everything!'"


—  Yana Bauer, Manitoulin Secondary School SHARE/GO-Green Teacher Advisor 

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