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A Song, A City has had the pleasure of supporting some incredible

Projects & Campaigns of young artists who are doing some incredible things

in the world to create positive change, through music, in people’s lives,

community, and the world.


Check them out.


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Austin Dill - The Joy Of GivingArtist Name
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Austins RMHc story

In November, 2020, Austin Dill, a young artist from Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada had the idea to write a song to celebrate the Holiday Season. Not only did he want to write, and release, a song that embodied the holiday spirit, but he wanted to use it as a tool to bring people together, create a positive impact, and give back to the Community.


The song that Austin wrote was called ‘The Joy Of Giving’.


With the release of the song, Austin decided to run a Go Fund Me Campaign to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charity, a place where he, his mom, and brother, spent some time, and were supported by, when he was born.


Austin’s goal was to raise just $250.00 which would go directly to the charity.


It was shortly after the Campaign was launched, that one of his teachers heard the song. Being impressed by what Austin had written, he asked Austin if he could show a friend of his.


It just so happened that, that friend was also the drummer of the well known, Canadian Band, ‘The Arkells’.


Later that night, Austin noticed that ‘The Arkells’ had donated $250.00 to his Campaign, and then written him a private message to compliment him on all of the incredible work he was doing in the community!


When all was said and done, with the help of the Community, The Arkells, Local McDonalds Branches, and Friends and Family, Austin exceeded his goal of $250.00 by raising $2500.00, 10X his initial goal!


Great work Austin Dill, and keep on using your music to do good in the world!

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