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Em Jordan 

(Brantford, ON)

Em was born with a Spinal Cord condition known as Spina Bifida, a birth defect that presents a number of different daily, and life-long obstacles, and challenges.

It’s because of her experiences, through living with Spina Bifida, that,  among so many of Ems goals and aspirations as a Singer/Songwriter and Performer, she is passionate about using her voice to not only raise awareness of the condition, but to also get involved in her community, and show the world that people don’t need to be defined by their story, or the challenges that they’re faced with, but can rather use those obstacles to redefine what is possible when we focus on the abilities we do have.


‘House Of Cards’, the debut single of Em Jordan, is a direct reflection of her story, through which she hopes to educate, and inspire other people to rise above their own obstacles and challenges, to use their voice, be heard, and Re-Define what is possible.

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Indya Kennedy

(Toronto, ON)

A Visual Artist from Toronto, passionate about Womens Rights, who was able to attend ME to WEs ‘Take Action Camp’ last summer – a Camp in Bethany, ON, that focuses on developing Leadership Skills, Local & Global Issues Awareness, and creating Action Plans, to make a positive impact in the community/the world, with the help of ‘A Song, A City’, and the Local Friends, and Niagara Business’ who were part of the ‘Army Of Love’ Campaign.


Indya continues to work towards using her art, and craft, to create change. Specifically, she wants to develop more of a Global Perspective through travel, and would love to travel to India.


Meriom Bonita

(St. Catharines ON)

Meriom was the recipient of the ‘Army Of Love’ guitar, donated by Adriana Cinapri of Hydrocephalus Canada & ‘A Song, A City’, and was hand delivered through ‘Niagara Music Gives’, Day of Giving during the Holidays in December 2018.


Meriom moved from Mississauga a couple years ago with his mom, and attends Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in St. Catharines, ON.

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