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TOUR: P.U.S.H (People, United for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus)

Purpose: ‘Unite & Share’ – The purpose of the tour was to use music to raise local, and global, awareness of the conditions, while uniting, and sharing, in the experience of music, to collaborate and create something that builds community, and tells a story, through the arts


The first ever ‘A Song, A City’: UK/European Tour, 2013 visited Dublin, Ireland on June 14th, 2013.


Danny and Jay, spent 3 days in Dublin, where they busked on Graften Street, a very popular street for busking, interacting, and collaborating with Musicians from around the world, local folks, and playing a gig at the Hostel they were staying at ‘Sky Backpackers: The Liffey’ which was once old recording studio, where bands like U2 recorded some of their early demos, and writing/recording the first song of the tour.


The song that Danny & Jay wrote in Dublin, titled ‘The Embrace’, was inspired, and written, by the many people, musicians, and experiences, that were shaped, and connected, by the Universal power, and language, that is music, and the ability it has to bring complete strangers together, to interact, Unite & Share, in a common interest and understanding.


The song was written, and recorded, from the hostel.

Song: ‘The Embrace’ – A Song inspired by the universal language of music, and the power it has in connecting strangers.

The Embrace


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