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TOUR: P.U.S.H (People, United for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus)

Purpose: ‘Unite & Share’ – The purpose of the tour was to use music to raise local, and global, awareness of the conditions, while uniting, and sharing, in the experience of music, to collaborate and create something that builds community, and tells a story, through the arts.


The 3rd stop of the first ever ‘A Song, A City’: UK/Euro Tour, 2013, visted Edinburgh, and Glasgow, Scotland.


We pulled into Waverly Station, in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 20th.


Left speechless by the architecture, and Edinburgh Castle, we were quick to check into the hostel before heading out to do a little sight seeing.


Edinburgh, Scotland is as special place to Danny, as a lot of his family still reside in Edinburgh.


As part of our work in Scotland, we played two gigs in Edinburgh, Scotland,  and visited the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, where we met, collaborated, and performed for a group of Youth who live with Spina Bifida.


To wrap up the tour, we wrote a song called ‘Worlds Apart’, lyrically inspired by Dannys Scottish family that we wrote and recorded the song with.


Song: ‘Worlds Apart’ – A Song inspired by the musical influence and family background that Danny has rooted in Edinburgh

Worlds Apart


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