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The ‘Army Of Love’ Campaign, in partnership with ‘Danny Lamb & The Association’, was created in the Spring of 2018, with the goal of raising money to send a young person to ME to WEs, ‘Take Action Camp’, a Camp in Bethany, ON that focusses on Leadership, Issues Awareness, and Taking Positive Action, Locally and Globally.


The Campaign, alongside Hydrocephalus Canada,  and Local friends and businesses of Niagara, also banded together to donate a guitar on behalf of ‘A Song, A City’ and the ‘Niagara Gives Movement’, to a young boy in St. Catharines, providing him with the opportunity to continue accessing music lessons at the Niagara Conservatory of Music.


The ‘Army Of Love’ Campaign was a tour that stretched from Windsor, ON to Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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