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TOUR: P.U.S.H (People, United for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus)

Purpose: ‘Unite & Share’ – The purpose of the tour was to use music to raise local, and global, awareness of the conditions, while uniting, and sharing, in the experience of music, to collaborate and create something that builds community, and tells a story, through the arts

The second stop of the first ever ‘A Song, A City’ Tour: UK/Europe, 2013, visited both London and Peterborough, England


From Dublin, the group headed on to London, England, where they spent a little time before heading to Peterborough, England, to visit SHINE: UK (The UK Headquarters of Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus) as well as collaborate with long time friend and piano player, Chris Boother, in writing the second song of the tour.


The song written in England, titled ‘Little English Town’, was written in Chris’ living room, around his piano, in his hometown, and the location of SHINE: UK, Peterborough, England.


The song was inspired, lyrically, by an experience Lamb had shortly after arriving in England, where he accidentally left his backpack on the Train, which had his money, laptap, camera, Canadian and British Passport inside of it.


It was a scary moment in time, that had Danny, and the group, off to a frazzled start in London, however they decided to take that moment, and use it as fuel to turn an obstacle, into a positive opportunity.

The song was also influenced, and written around, a piano Riff that Chris had written years before.


While the group was in Peterborough, they also visited the head office of SHINE: UK, where they played a small set, and got to know the staff, and local folks, a little bit, before heading back to London.


After a quick couple of days in England, the group headed to the Train Station to get the train up to Edinburgh, Scotland, and while they were in the Taxi, on route to the Station, they got to chatting with the Taxi Driver, which then turned into a sing along, to a great song, by the late and great ‘Amy Winehouse’.


Song: ‘Little English Town’ – A Song inspired by the collaboration with Chris Boother, from Peterborough, England, and some of the challenging experiences, while arriving in England, that the group encountered

Little English Town


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