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The earliest work of ‘A Song, A City’ originated years ago in Toronto, ON, where Danny Lamb, the founder of ‘A Song, A City’, has been an Ambassador of ‘Hydrocephalus Canada’ (Formerly the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association Of Ontario) since he was 18.


Danny became inspired, through people living with Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus, to use his music in a way that creates the voice of Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus to be heard, locally and globally.


One of his earliest songs, the ‘Simple Things’, was written as a song for the Organization.


Following the birth of ‘A Song, A City’, there have been several concerts in Toronto, to support the Organization in raising funds, and awareness.


After the first Music Tour over the UK/Europe 6 years ago, Danny Lamb & Jay Baty were interviewed by Pauline Chan of CTV in the main headquarters of the Hydrocephalus Canada.


Toronto is a big part of the backbone, and integrity that ‘A Song, A City’ has been rooted in from the beginning.


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